Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Day Four

It was our last full day in New York today and our schedule has been very full. We started the day at a local diner, The Morning Star, where we stocked up on pancakes. After loading up on carbs, we made our way towards our first activity at  The Paley Centre for Media.
 Realising we had a little time to spare, we stopped in at St Patrick's Cathedral en route. The refurbishments have now all been completed and the cathedral looks absolutely beautiful. Students spent half an hour inside quietly reflecting and admiring the newly restored building. 
We then made our way to The Paley Centre and had a workshop on sound in radio, where all students took part in creating a soundtrack for a radio play. You really had to be there to appreciate the noises and hilarity that followed. 
In the afternoon, we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and spent two hours looking at the exhibits before catching the subway to our next stop - The Empire State Building. 
This was followed by a quick shopping trip around Times Square and an evening meal at Planet Hollywood. 
A jam packed day which was enjoyed by all! 

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